Interesting information. The Mexican based Sinaloa Drug Cartel led by the infamous Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is responsible for more than half the illegal narcotics being smuggled into the United States from Mexico. And their number one destination for heroin deliveries??? CHICAGO! The recent string of heroin overdoses in Hillsdale County led us to start doing some research and the discovery that the supply chain runs from Hillsdale County, to Jackson, to Detroit, and back to Chicago! So one can safely assume that heroin users in Hillsdale County are indirectly helping to fund El Chapo’s illicit activities and reign of terror in the cartel drugs wars in Mexico.

The line needs to be drawn somewhere, and we say here, today. If you have information on illegal drug activities, please do your part to help clean up our community. You can contact the Hillsdale County Sheriffs Office completely anonymously at 517-437-7317 or dial 911. Or you can call our anonymous tip hotline at 877-694-TIPS. Or visit