Have you heard about the 23 year-old guy in Grand Rapids who does his own version of Chris Hansen’s To Catch a Predator?

23-year-old Zach Sweers of Grand Rapids has a Youtube channel called “Anxiety War” where he pretends to be an underage girl, and sometimes posing as himself when he was 12, on social media, and the lures sexual predators into to meeting up where he confronts them on camera.

Back in early April seven men were arrested and charged with accosting a minor for immoral purposes.

Jered Andrus, 37

Dan Barnes, 58

Zachary Snoeyink, 29

Jacob Cassiday, 24

Three other men Brett Chaffin, 24; Phillip Crawford, 32; Aaron Russell, 19 also face felony charges.

Anxiety War has posted a new video on May 1st.

Wednesday, Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth issued a letter to Zach asking him to stop his freelance law enforcement and leave this to professionals. He also informed Zach that they will not be prosecuting anymore individuals caught in Zach’s videos.

Zach release the following press release on his Facebook page earlier today.