Police had to subdue a man with pepper-spray when he resisted arrest on the Baw Beese Bike Trail just after 5:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Gabriel Douglas Warriner, Age 34, of Hillsdale, MI was riding his bicycle around the park and drinking whiskey from a bottle, causing a disturbance.

He was presumably high on synthetic marijuana, since police did find it in his possession.

Warriner harassed a woman and her brother, who were fishing near the boat launch, several times before they called the police.

Hillsdale City Police responded and quickly located Warriner on the bike trail between Barnard St and the boat launch.

When the police tried to arrest him, he became combative. After a struggle involving multiple officers and the use of pepper-spray, he was handcuffed and arrested.

A witness told Hillsdale Watch that the man was yelling for police to pepper-spray him.

Warriner is charged with open intox, disorderly conduct, and resisting officers.

He is being held at the Hillsdale County Jail with no bond allowed.