HILSDALE, MICH – The Hillsdale City Fire Department (HCFD) has been serving the community of Hillsdale, Michigan since 1857. The mission of the HCFD is to preserve life, property and promote public safety for the citizens of Hillsdale. When called upon, HCFP provides quality fire, rescue and emergency medical services with compassion, professionalism and a commitment fo excellence.

Michigan Gas Utilities is committed to working with public safety response agencies to ensure the safety of the communities it serves and is supporting the important work of HCFD in Hillsdale. Through the Wisonsin Public Service Foundation. Michigan Gas Utilities recently awarded HCFD a safety grant.

Financial support from Michigan Gas Utilities will be used to purchase critical equipment needed for detecting hazardous materials and situations. These new devices will replace outdated equipment and help keep first responders and members of the general public safe by alerting them to potential dangerous situations and minimizing potential damage by detecting hazards before they escalate.

“We are grateful for the support from Michigan Gas Utilities. This new equipment will allow HCFD personnel the thoroughly investigate potentially dangerous odors and improve the quality of emergency services provided to the community,” Scott Hephner, Interim Fire Chief.

Community support, like that shown by the Michigan Gas Utilities, is necessary in order for HCFD to guarantee the public’s safety and to minimize risk in already dangerous circumstances.