On October 5th, 2016, at approximately 8:30 p.m., the Hillsdale County Sheriff Department was dispatched to Cambria Road near W. Card Road for an unknown two vehicle crash.

A resident called 911 after hearing a crash outside near Cambria Rd & W Card Rd. The drivers were arguing.

One man driving a 2004 Chevy Impala had pulled up beside his mailbox on Cambria Road just north of W. Card Road, facing north in the southbound lane, when a 1994 Mercury 4-door came around the curve at a high rate of speed. Both drivers tried avoiding each other but crashed. The Mercury hit the rear passengers side of the Impala.

The man driving the Mercury 4-door tried to flee the scene in his vehicle before it broke down on Cambria Road just south of W. Card Road, less than 400 yards away from the scene of the crash. He then fled on foot. He was gone before police arrived.

Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Department was first on scene. They were assisted by Reading Police Department. They searched the area but the driver was not immediately located.

Reading Fire Department and Reading Emergency Unit also responded. No one was injured.

Police eventually made contact with the driver of the Mercury, but no arrests have been made.

Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident.